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MDS M412 Trommel

Introducing the M412 trommel, the smallest of the MDS range but not to be confused by its output that boasts an impressively at up to 300 tonnes per hour and its effective screening area of nearly 100 sq. ft.

These trommels are perfect for separating the fines from the larger aggregate in recycling and smaller quarrying type operations Civil waste or recycling aggregates the M412 in conjunction with the drum cleaner makes light work of both. Some of our customers work these machines in conjunction with a crusher to remove the minus 60mm fines and the oversize is then directly fed into a jaw crusher.

Add a tipping grid to this machine and 3 products could be made from this machine using just 8 litres an hour of fuel.


Click to see the 3D view of M412 here


MDS M413 3 Spilt Trommel


The M413 3 Split Track Trommel is ideal for screening from light material to recycling demolition waste. This machine can also operate in the quarry, cleaning dirty material upto 600mm (24”) in size. The unit now comes with three fold out stockpiling conveyors and is ideal for moving around the quarry and from one site to the next.


Click to see the 3D view of M413 here