MDS International designs and manufactures state of the art range of Trommels, Apron Feeders and Conveyors. We pride ourselves on our innovation in all our product range as well as offering bespoke solutions to our client needs. With our two factories based in Ireland, we develop our machines  in conjunction with our creative and skilled staff. MDS leaves no stone unturned!  25 years ago, owner and CEO, Liam Murray had a vision that he wanted to manufacture his own range of trommel’s but with a difference. “A trommel that is built to withstand the harshest of environments and the toughest quarried aggregates”. Having manufactured products for other people he knew what worked for them and what he wanted to improve on.         

MDS Trommels

Building a trommel that will take up to a 1.5m rock in quarry requires the expertise and a know how that many other manufacturers simply don’t have. In an era where all machines are being asked to do more than one job for business, our trommels provide the perfect solution. Screening quarried rock, recycled material or soil, the MDS trommel completes the task without any fuss. Our design team focus on meeting and exceeding all the challenges a trommel faces.


The simplicity and build quality of all our products are what stands us out from the competition.

Have a look through our Product Range and Applications section to explain what machine is best for processing each product.




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  • Our Values

    What does MDS stand for? We supply performance and reliability as standard in all our equipment we produce with a customer focused engineering that put our customer’s needs at the forefront of our proposed solution. From soil screening with an M518R to processing RIP RAP with the M920, MDS builds trommels to match each application and environment.
  • Our successes

    25 years on - where is MDS today? A leading trommel manufacturer in the world across a number of markets 40,000 square feet of factory space on a 5 acre site. 65 worldwide dealers. Nearly 60 people employed Producing trommels up to 9 metres in length and 2.5m in diameter Producing trommels dedicated to not just quarrying but also recycling applications
  • History

    Continuously Improving We've come a long way in the last 25 years and are still moving ahead. We have learnt a lot over the past years, not just from our own experience, but through our customers. We continue to use this critical information to improve us as a company. We are focussing on not just improving the products we provide, but also the support and customer service we provide to our customers. From this year we have fully dedicated ourselves to truly being world leaders in Trommel Technology and we plan to do this by being the best in every aspect of our business. Start of MDS MDS was founded in 1995 by Liam Murray, with a vision to design and develop engineering solutions to industry. Over the past 25 years we have built a highly skilled work force who worked closely with many international customers to fulfil their needs. Timeline 1995 Company Founded by Liam Murray on 500 sq ft. building. Did Design & Development work for Industry. 1998 Moved into 3000 sq ft. building with 10 employees doing prototype manufacture, design & development. 2002 Built 8,000 sq ft building with 20 employees. Continued development work and began sub Read More
  • Facilities

    Inhouse Manufacturing The Designers of MDS International are experts in Computer Aided Design and Manufacture with vast experience. All the trommels in the MDS Range have been designed and built from scratch. Our Design Office boasts powerful Design Workstations that are at the disposal of the Engineers. Our Engineers are also proficient in key Software packages and create all the Nests for laser cutting using the powerful SigmaNest software. Nests are created so that there is minimal material waste. All the parts needed for our machines are plasma cut inhouse. The chassis, drums and subframes are welded together in our manufacturing factory, where they are painted and then sent over to our Production Facility down the road where all the assembly takes place. We boast in the fact that we have the workforce and the facilities to carry out all the production in our factories, this includes design, fabrication, painting, electronics and hydraulic systems. Buildings Our company operates from two buildings. Our Main 12,000 square foot building is where all our overhead staff are based along with all the production staff. The main building has welding, plasma cutting and painting facilities. The second 8,000 square foot building is where the Read More
  • The Team

    Our Passion for Design We have a very passionate team that takes pride in their work and always goes beyond the norm to exceed the needs of the client. We have a dedicated Management team that is formed of enthusiastic people that take the lead and provide key support to all the staff. This is complemented with the Design, Production and Operations teams that excel in their roles Read More
  • Exhibitions

    Below are the Exhibitions that we have visited in the past and those we will be attending in the Future. Read More
  • Enterprise Ireland Initiatives

    Enterprise Ireland Initiatives MDS International is co-funded by two initiatives to support Research & Development of new products. Research & Development Iniatives Research & Development Initiatives at MDS International are co-funded by the European Regional Development fund and Enterprise Ireland under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020. Currently MDS International is working on development of New Products for Washing and Screening Equipment in Partnership with Enterprise Ireland. Capital Intiatives Capital Initiatives at MDS International are co-funded by the European Regional Development fund and Enterprise Ireland under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020. Aims of The Project To carry our Research & Development work for Trommels for Washing and Screening Equipment Results Increase in production productivity for Recycling Trommels was achieved due to these investments. These also helped open up the company to fully market the Washing and Screening Equipment globally.         Read More
  • MDS Drum Cleaner is a 'game changer'

    We have added something new and ‘game-changing’ to the market in our  MDS Drum cleaner! How does it work? It’s a Cog wheel style configuration that meshes with the drum openings and punches out the holes to keep them clean. Traditionally people have tried to brush trommels clean but as we all know that this simply doesn’t work. The drum cleaner is at its happiest when punching out the soils and clays that traditionally blind over scalpers in both recycling yards but also quarries. All the range can have this solution fitted and those that have it wonder why they haven’t had it sooner. Quarry manager Luke Jones commented “without the drum cleaner we wouldn’t have been able to screen our wet and sticky recycled products. It gives us a competitive advantage in the market when others can’t produce clean aggregate material”       Read More
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