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HistoryHow far we've come


Start of MDS

MDS was founded in 1995 by Liam Murray, with a vision to design and develop engineering solutions to industry. Over the past 25 years we have built a highly skilled work force who worked closely with many international customers to fulfil their needs.


  • 1995 Company Founded by Liam Murray on 500 sq ft. building. Did Design & Development work for Industry.
  • 1998 Moved into 3000 sq ft. building with 10 employees doing prototype manufacture, design & development.
  • 2002 Built 8,000 sq ft building with 20 employees. Continued development work and began sub contract manufacture.
  • 2007 Extended factory to 12,000 sq ft with 28 employees. Developed Trommel Range and continued sub contract manufacture.
  • 2012 Opened a 2nd 8,000 sq ft Assembly factory with a total of 35 employees. Moved to mainly Trommel Manufacture.
  • 2017 Fully dedicated to Trommel Manufacture. Ongoing R&D Programs to improve design. Sales strong internationally.

Charts showing growth of MDS as a company over the past years. First graph shows growth in facility size and the second shows employees..

MDS hasn't stopped here and continues to develop and grow. We are in the process of manufacturing prototypes for new innovative machines.Look at our 2020Vision Page to see where we plan to be in the Future

Continuously Improving

We've come a long way in the last 25 years and are still moving ahead. We have learnt a lot over the past years, not just from our own experience, but through our customers. We continue to use this critical information to improve us as a company.

We are focussing on not just improving the products we provide, but also the support and customer service we provide to our customers. From this year we have fully dedicated ourselves to truly being world leaders in Trommel Technology and we plan to do this by being the best in every aspect of our business.


The first bricks laid

Liam and his brother start building their first building for Design & Development work for industry.


Design & Development

This is the building where Murray Design started off as and lead to being MDS International today.


Contract Manufacturing

The company did contract manufacturing projects prior to moving full focus on trommels


Electric Boxes

Liam made one of the first boxes and continues to make the control panels himself for our Trommels

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